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it permeates the very land we stand on.
the rat-at-tat-tat  of machine guns
the slick click and tick
of the lock          in time with the clock
tick tock bang.
how to justify war?
         why take lives for lives for lives for lives for lives
                                                  for lives?
'such a waste' to see
         men lying gutted in the fields drowning in blood and bile
missing eyes arms ears legs tongues
bodies used for camouflage
                    rancid corpses become a safe new skin
gas froths the mouth rolls the eyes corrupts the lungs
blue blooded generals cheer and glug wines
'j o     ll    y goo   d  sh    o w!         (what a w  aste tho ugh)
su ch   a fabulous b attl e!'

so dis
    ted are they it could be a disorder.

Bitterly the murdering cannons do ring
And still of  g l o r y  and  h o n o r  ruddy majors sing.

- are the various spaces effective? do they add to the disjointed feeling?
- does the internal rhyming do anything for you as a reader?
- do you get a particular tone from the piece? can you hear the sarcasm in the final line?
- do you think this poem effectively captures war, specifically WWI?

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Suphyx Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This is great.
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November 20, 2012
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